I create enjoyable designs that you'll love!

What I Do

UX Design

Attentive with the clients needs and wants during the project to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.


Able to respectfully and productively work with others to ensure that we get the job done well.

Creative Direction

I love to think out of the box and create unique designs and concepts that are still functional.

Why Me?

I love being able to help people have the experience possible with my designs.

I have developed skills for different design and research methods to better prepare me for different scenarios in the workforce. I have experience when it comes to working with a client. I’ve also spent time creating my own designs and studying the UI and UX of other companies and digital products to help me better understand a great design.

My Projects

UX Design & Research Project

A project that utilizes different research methods for UX Design.

UI/UX Evaluation: Video Game

This project goes over the good and bad designs of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

UI Design:
Mobile Game

A Figma project that covers the UI and UX design of a mobile game.

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